Amazing weather forecasts

In the history, both through alchemy, science or metaphysical knowledge, men always tried to elaborate events and information acquired by examining the nature to predict the future, or, for what is possible, to be prepared to its evolution.
Many branches of science have ventured this ground, and we may say meteorology has somehow succeeded in this challenge.
Today's meteorology has been generated from many different studies and knowledge accumulated during the time since the birth of ancient populations, whose traces have been left with oral or written documents and evidences.
Yet the Assyrian-Babylonians investigated the clouds and the stars 3000 years before Christ, and in the ancient Greece the first philosophers analyzing the formation of clouds and rain together with other changes of the biosphere put down the roots of modern meteorology as a scientific method to understand climatic behaviours.

Types of forecasts

Weather forecasts can be classified in base of the geographical area: global forecasts, regional forecasts, country forecasts and local forecasts are the spacial levels of analysis.
According to the time interval of prognosis, the predictions are now-casting (less than 24 hours), short-term (24-72 hours) medium-term (less than one week) and long-term (one to two weeks).
There are also seasonal forecasts, attempting to predict the general trend of climatic factors rather than providing information on individual events.
Meteorama uses API services to get instantly updated weather forecasts: the now-casting layer is shown by default on the geographical map, and clicking on any weather icon a pop-up is displayed, showing medium-term forecasts, that is the next four days forecasts, queued to the one of the current day.

Clouds view and location search

The cloud layer shows the main cloudy disturbances which affect the weather of the geographical area focused on the screen: they are very useful to understand cyclonic and anti-cyclonic streams and their evolution in the next hours. It can be hidden to better display the geographical map.
The search box on the top of the page helps to quickly find the location of interest, suggesting the similar ones while typing, and pointing to the most meaningful result when enter key is pressed.
With Meteorama, the whole globe is under your eyes: observe it at the zoom level you wish, as if travelling from a satellite, exploring all the places you like from around the world, seeing sunshine, hurricanes, cloud streams, storms, snow events and tornadoes evolution in real time.